Mobility Classes

7:15-7:45 PM

What is Mobility Training?
Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable motion a person possesses. The more mobile a person is, the more potential they have to maximize movement safely, efficiently, and effectively.

What is FRC?
FRC stands for Functional Range Conditioning. Its is a system created by Dr. Andreo Spina that is based on joint health and mobility training backed by scientific principals and research.

What can Mobility Training do for me?
The basis of mobility training is to make you a more functional human being. Whether you have an already active lifestyle or are looking to start moving more, mobility training will work for you.
Mobility is different than flexibility training as it closes the gap between your active and passive ranges. You will learned how to use your full range of motion actively, versus using force to put yourself into positions you may not be able to go into.
The body works as a system, if there is dysfunction in any part of the system, then the rest of the body will try to make up for what that area isn’t doing. This leads to muscular imbalances that can cause chronic pain syndromes and open you up to potential injury. With mobility training, we look to improve the function of individual joints first, to help improve the system as a whole and make you a more functional human.

Class Times: 
Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm
$15/person for 30 minute session


Call: 613-968-5086 or Email us today to reserve your FREE Mobility Class.

$15 Per Class


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