New Gold Level Treatments

Starting in November we will be offering a NEW treatment that not only is new to this area, but new to our industry as a whole. We will be joining forces with our knowledge and treatment skills to bring you the BEST OUTCOME.

You can now receive the expertise of BOTH practitioners + More!

Within your hour treatment you will receive an acupuncture session that zones in on your nervous system to help treat any nerve pain. This typically presents as sharp, shooting pain, numbness, tingles, or achey referral pain. Acupuncture quickly calms these symptoms down in a subtle non-aggressive way. Acupuncture has a long lasting effect on the body to allow you to feel the results of your treatment longer.
You will also receive manual massage therapy from Samantha Lambert RMT, for the second half of your session. This will help further release your soft tissue, improve joint mobility, along with all the wonderful effects massage has on the body. This will create an all around superior treatment.
PLUS - With receiving these treatments you will have a FREE ACCESS to our mobility classes! These will help you understand how your body is supposed to be moving, and how to correct imbalances and immobility in your body, which is usually the underlying cause of pain!

With these 3 services all bundled into one PLUS the expertise of BOTH PRACTITIONERS working on you, you are guaranteed SUPERIOR RESULTS!

When great minds come together, AMAZING things can happen!


Tuesday's 4:00-7:00 PM
1 Hour Treatment with the Expertise of BOTH PRACTITIONERS
+ FREE Mobility Classes (Tuesday 7:15 PM, Thursdays 12:15 PM - 30 Min.)
$110 - Combo Deal gives you $10 OFF the cost of individual bookings with each practitioner

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Clinic Specials and Events

'Postpartum Mama' Workshop

'Postpartum Mama' Workshop

Postpartum Mama is a workshop for moms and their baby(s) who have just gave birth (0-3 months) to help them realign and re-balance after birth.