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Quinte Mind & Body is designed to provide our patients with whole body health care. By providing the most up to-date manual techniques for physical dysfunctions, we take great pride in bringing our patients results. With our Registered Massage Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, and Meditation sessions and classes available, you can experience treatment for all aspects of the body.

All the practitioners within Quinte Mind & Body have a similar outlook on health care. We want to stimulate that drive for natural health and treatments. With not only treating the symptom presenting, but making sure the condition, dysfunction, or source of pain is attended to. Our assessments of the body are very thorough and informative to the patient. With each therapy provided we make sure the patient is comfortable and knowledgeable about the treatments received.

Within Quinte Mind & Body we treat every type of person and condition, ranging from injuries of high intensity athletes with Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, to the everyday person who wants to learn how to shut down the mind with meditation. That’s why we offer and will continue to grow with many different full body therapies.

Quinte Mind and Body is a place for you to come in and enjoy. We want you to relax and unwind while experiencing your treatment. We have created a space that is comfortable and calming to help you focus on yourself and your health.

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FREE Nutrition Consultation

FREE Nutrition Consultation

Book your FREE 15 Minute Nutrition Consultation with Larissa Punzalan, RHN.

Larissa Punzalan, RHN

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Mobility Classes

Mobility Classes


We are now offering Mobility Classes! These are designed to help you and your body understand the importance of HOW your body moves. Join us for a FREE CLASS!

$15 Per Class
$50 Off Your First Laser Acupuncture Treatment

$50 Off Your First Laser Acupuncture Treatment

Book your first Laser Acupuncture Treatment and Receive $50 OFF!

$50 OFF

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