Meditation is about calming the mind. The mind affects every cell in our body, so when it is under stress or unable to release thoughts, our physical body pays the price. Often our muscles hold tension, blood flow decreases, organs develop a dysfunction, and cells change form and are unable to perform. These cause many symptoms in the body such as, stress, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, shallow breathing, and even deeper issues when organs are involved.

Benefits of Meditation:
Calm Mind
Relaxed body
Clear and focused mind
Increased productivity
Decreased stress levels
Increased energy
Decreased anxiety & depression
Decreased blood pressure
Improved cellular function
Overall healthier body & mind


To learn how to calm the mind and free it from thoughts is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Whether you have 2 minutes or 30 minutes to meditate, there are many different types of meditations that will work for you. Including different tools that will help in times of stress or suppression. Whether you want to learn to shut down the mind for 20 min a day, relieve yourself from stress, or treat your body to better health, meditation is the way to achieve that and our Belleville clinic and is the best place to do so.


Learn How to Meditate

Dana GoodfellowWe have expanded our business to ONLINE! Now you can receive meditation training from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. At you will learn why meditation is so important to our health, and how to start without feeling confused or overwhelmed. You will learn lots of tips, tools, and advice for creating your own meditation practice. Take advantage of the FREE how-to tutorials and sign up for the newsletter to make sure you receive continued advice and inspiration to help with your practice.

Online Guided Meditations at are designed to be very easy to follow and create amazing outcomes. These are all beginner-friendly with many tips and tools to help you along the way.

GET STARTED NOW - Start feeling relaxed and rejuvenated today!


For more information on meditation and to learn from certified meditation teacher and facilitator, Dana Goodfellow visit Be sure to sign up for your FREE BREATHING TECHNIQUES GUIDE and begin your journey of meditation today!

You can also Contact Quinte Mind & Body today for more information to discover more benefits of Meditation.


Upcoming Events

Calm Mama Workshop

Calm Mama Workshop

Monday Feb. 4th. 2018
6:30-7:30 pm

The Calm Mama Workshop is for mothers to reconnect to themselves from within. As mothers we take it all on and often lose ourselves in motherhood and the daily shenanigans of life.

$30 with Ashley Mitchell
'Postpartum Mama' Workshop

'Postpartum Mama' Workshop

Monday, Feb. 25th, 2019
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Postpartum Mama is a workshop for moms and their baby(s) who have just gave birth (0-3 months) to help them realign and re-balance after birth.

$30 with Ashley Mitchell

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