Welcome! Ashley Mitchell, Maternal Wellness Therapist to our TEAM!

Posted: January 13, 2019

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We have a new member of our health team at Quinte Mind & Body! Meet our Maternal Wellness Therapist, Ashley Mitchell!
Posted by: Dana

WELCOME ASHLEY MITCHELL, Maternal Wellness Therapist

You may notice a new face as you visit our clinic next. Ashley Mitchell is a Maternal Wellness therapist that offers a wide variety of services for the planning parent, to the postpartum mom.

She offers services that help fertility, infertility, pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum concerns. Ranging from counseling, workshops to help moms in any area of motherhood, to Reiki energy healing, Ashley is your go-to girl for anything 'Mama' related!

For more information on Ashley, Check out her profile page.

For more information on how Maternal Wellness can help you, check out our Maternal Wellness Therapy Page.

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'Postpartum Mama' Workshop

'Postpartum Mama' Workshop

Postpartum Mama is a workshop for moms and their baby(s) who have just gave birth (0-3 months) to help them realign and re-balance after birth.