I have had the opportunity to work with Dana not only as a client, but on a professional level as well. After both experiences I am happy to say that I would refer anyone who is interested in exploring meditation as part of their healing journey to her. She is knowledgeable, professional, and genuine. I wish her all the best in her practice and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Dr. Michelle Durkin, ND

My Name is Beth Abbott I am a 46 year old Mother of two, I have worked out most of my life from Aerobics, to running, to now training on and off in the last 3 years for fitness competitions, consisting of a heavy weight training regime along with Cardiovascular activity. The last few years as the "age process" kicks in I have aches and pains that if I don't look after these as they are they can lead to complications later. I have learned to always listen to your body. I have lower back pain as well as tendonitis which has been an on / off issue for a few years for me. I came across Dana Goodfellow, RMT and my first visit consisted of a thorough assessment. She started with Acupuncture in my shoulders, lower back area and glutes. When finished that, she ended with massage in the areas that were most concerning to me. I have never felt better. I continue with her weekly, we reassess my needs and concerns every visit and I always leave feeling I could do almost anything. Dana is very knowledgeable and will give me stretches to do while at work and home to help. Highly recommend Dana to anyone. Thanks Dana!!!

Beth Abbott

I started with Dana when my husband and I first arrived in the Quinte West area 6 years ago. In that time, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia had two children, lost a dog, and changed roles at work. It's been busy to say the least. Dana has helped treat my body through all of that with massage and acupuncture and my mind through meditation. She has shared with me her knowledge and given me the tools to balance the everyday stresses that make up my life. What I like most about working with Dana is how attentive she is to my concerns and how considerate she is of my hectic schedule. I will continue to see her at her new location and trust that she will always do what's best for me.

Christina Considine

As a health care provider myself, Ive never entered into any discussion with anyone re my unhealthy eating habits and poor choices(no breakfast, skip lunches and eat sweets!!) I typically for years have coached and shared info and resources to all my clients.
So taking the leap and meeting this lovely Larissa for a month long program was quite the big step that proved invaluable in changing not just my own nutrition but also for my husband who joined me in this month long retraining!
WE have learned foods to eat and what to try and avoid and reduce , through Larissa"s great encouragement, praise for small steps and recipes and menus.
Everything we did she was so positive towards and the end result in a month was not just weight loss and feeling better-but a much better understanding of how we should both move forward to maintain a healthier eating lifestyle.
Larissa is a great asset to the team At Quinte Mind and Body and would encourage anyone to join up with her for her knowledge, resources and most of lovely professional ability to cheer one on to make a difference. We both lost some lbs continuously over the the month and will continue in a healthier lifestlyle. Thanks for working with me!

- Peggy (& John)

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FREE Nutrition Consultation

FREE Nutrition Consultation

Book your FREE 15 Minute Nutrition Consultation with Larissa Punzalan, RHN.

LUNCH & LEARN - What's in Your Lunch Bag?

LUNCH & LEARN - What's in Your Lunch Bag?

Sept. 12, 2018

Join Larissa Punzalan, Holistic Nutritionist, for a Lunch & Learn on September 12, at 12:15-12:45 PM, to learn HOW and WHAT to pack in your lunch bag and leave with some healthy and creative ideas.



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Clinic Specials and Events

FREE Nutrition Consultation

FREE Nutrition Consultation

Book your FREE 15 Minute Nutrition Consultation with Larissa Punzalan, RHN.


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